Patricia Low Ceramics




    “The Fine Art Society has been exhibiting Patricia Low's Pots since 1992 when Peyton Skipwith gave her  first show here with Edward Bawden.  However, collectors of her work have had to be patient.  

Unfashionably unhurried, she has made all her technical advances by painstaking experimentation to achieve  in her work what David Inshaw has described as quiddity- its own essential nature." -                                                                                                                                                                   Patrick Bourne

 My work is shown at the Fine Art Society

 or can be seen by appointment through


    I trained as a painter at Swindon and Chelsea Art Schools from 1960-64 and continued painting and  printmaking  until in 1986 I made a coil pot.  Hand building for me was an epiphany, now I was making  sculpture  and painting  three dimensional, figurative images on it.  Thus all my creative desires came  together - to paint but  also to make -  an object and a narrative.


    I begin by making drawings and then large watercolour studies of my subject on paper.  To achieve the  intensity  and luminosity of water colour in ceramic, I use raw oxides which have a painterly quality that I  can layer and  scumble.  The image is in monochrome until glazed and fired.

    My subjects come from my surroundings on the Hampshire/Dorset border where I daily see and draw owls,  foxes,  hares, etc.  The Chalk Downs and burial mounds of the Beaker people are the connective  tissue of my  working day.  Things which make my heart sing are many, among them: the Medieval Stone  Mason, white  Tudor  plaster relief,  armorial carvings, Etruscan pots, George Stubbs, cave paintings, Josiah Wedgwood and  Stoke on  Trent; objects  made for and belonging in architecture.